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Font Links

Below is a list of our favorite commercial and freeware/shareware font sites. This list also includes places to help you identify fonts, as well as a list of typography resources and font editors.

Tip: Many commercial foundries offer one or more free fonts to entice you to visit their websites, so be sure to poke around!

Commercial foundries & distributors:


Don Barnett/Nekton Design:



Da Font:



Font Bureau:

Fonthaus: <distributor>

Font Marketplace: <distributor>

Fontshop: <distributor, aka>


Garage Fonts:

ITC Fonts: (check out U&lc magazine section)

Letterhead: (vintage fonts; check out Tips & Tricks, and register to get some free fonts)

MyFonts:  <MAJOR distributor; includes lots of independents>


Phil's Fonts: <distributor>





Typodermic Fonts:


Note: The distinction between free fonts and paid fonts are beginning to blur, as many previously freeware site are now charging for at least their new fonts.

Free Font Curators

A welcome addition to the free font circus are curators that scour the free font sites so you don't have to...

Creative Blog: Best 75 Free Fonts, 25 Great Font Resources, and search for more

Font a Day:


There are many free fonts sites online, many offering a thousand+ fonts provided you sit through a thousand+ popup ads – but we did find some exceptions:

Abstract Fonts:

Acid Fonts:

Astigmatic: {broken?} (comic fonts):

Blue Vinyl fonts:



Font Diner:

Font Freak: (gateway to free font sites but all are so heavy with ads that you won't last long)

Font Garden:

Font Head:

Font River:


Font Space:

Font Squirrel:


Fuel fonts:

HPLHS Prop Fonts:

(Note: There are more fonts from this font designer under the E-phemera Font Collection label and available through

Lost Type Co-op (pay-what-you-want distributor):

Misprinted Type:

Modeling Fonts (military aircraft-related, really):

<dig deep...this is where old free font sites go to die...including:

Nick's Fonts: & (plus blog): “A place for typography lovers with more than 80.000 high quality fonts.”

Urban Fonts:

If you're using a freeware font for commercial purposes, note that many licenses are for personal or non-profit use, be sure to read any Read Me file. Also, if you're a Mac user, many freeware fonts come as PC Truetype only. They should be readable under OS X if placed directly in the Fonts folder, though a converter like Transtype (see below) is nice to have around for translating between formats.

Identifying fonts:

If you see a cool font and need to know what it's called, check out the following sites. The more characters you have from the font, the better.


Typofile (forums etc): (includes typowiki)

Font Editors & Utilities

Yes, all roads eventually do lead to Fontlab...warning that their product links keep changing so you may need to adjust your set...

Fontlab Fontographer

The granddaddy of font editors, Fontographer hasn't been updated since 1996. Now that it's owned by Fontlab, promises are being made for a update that would include Mac OS X.

Fontlab FontLab Studio

This full-featured font editor has the professional font designer in mind. Cross platform (Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows ME, or Apple Macintosh OS 9 or OS X).

Fontlab TypeTool

A light font editor designed for modifying existing fonts, and creating new fonts from existing characters and Illustrator files. Less expensive than a full-featured font editor, but looks like it can do anything a graphic designer would need. 

Features include: Add ligatures, old style figures, fractions, currency symbols and foreign characters to your fonts; make your own dingbat or clipart fonts; make font variations; add correct em dashes, en dashes, quotation marks and apostrophes to your fonts.

TypeTool 2 is crossplatform. It can also convert fonts between Adobe Postscript Type 1 and TrueType formats, although you have to open each font, set some settings, and resave manually.

FontLab TransType

While TypeTool can convert fonts between Mac and PC, and Type 1 and TrueType, it's not designed to do it quickly and easily. That's what TransType is for: drag and drop dozens of fonts to the "source fonts" side, set the conversion needed (such as create Mac TrueType), and run the batch. The Pro version also supports conversion from and to OpenType.

(Be aware that while demos are available for all FontLab apps, they render with watermarks. So if you find a font with missing characters and little "TT" symbols all over it, you know where it came from!)


Calligraphy Societies

Society for Calligraphy, Los Angeles

Escribiente: Albuquerque’s Calligraphic Society open to anyone interested in the fine art of beautiful lettering.




Other Font Links

See also “Bulking Up Your Font Collection" by James Dempsey of

See also Illustrated Glossary Of Typographic Terms

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(Links last checked 3/2013)