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Trish & Chris Meyer are the founders of Crish Design (formerly CyberMotion). CyberMotion was one of the first studios to create major-release film opening titles using desktop tools, and they also created promotional videos for corporate clients from Apple Computer to Xerox. Their design and animation work has also appeared on shows and promos for CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, The Learning Channel, HBO, and PBS. Many projects involved working with unusual formats including IMAX, CircleVision, the NBC AstroVision sign in Times Square, and the four-block-long Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas.

In addition to their motion graphics work, Trish and Chris have written the books Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects and After Effects Apprentice (both published by Focal Press). They blog for ProVideo Coalition, create instructional videos for, have written numerous articles on motion graphics for DV magazine plus others, and have spoken or taught at AFI, BDA, NAB, DV Expo, FlashForward, NAB's PostProduction World, MacWorld, the Rocky Mountain VidExpo, Postapalooza, and the Motion Conference. They helped found MGLA (Motion Graphics Los Angeles) – an organization dedicated to small design studios working in moving media – and hosted monthly meetings of the group for over ten years.

After two decades in Los Angeles, in the summer of 2008 Chris and Trish relocated to the East Mountains area outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico (read why on their PVC blog entry). They’ve since renamed their business Crish Design as an homage to the numerous friends and colleagues who inevitably mashup their first names together into “Crish.” Indeed, they often seem to be two halves of the same brain.

Trish had an extensive career in print first as a magazine art director for music technology magazines before running her own desktop publishing business. Prior to that she played synthesizer in a pop band in Dublin, Ireland.

Her partner Chris specializes in sound design and 3D work as well as dealing with multi-format technical issues. If you're a fan of modular synthesis, check out his Learning Modular site.

Because Trish and Chris had backgrounds as musicians, a close relationship between sound and picture informed much of their work. They were one of the original beta sites for CoSA (now Adobe After Effects).

In 2019, After Effects received a long-awaited and much-deserved Scientific and Engineering Award from the Oscar committee. During his acceptance speech on behalf of the team, David Simons - one of the original creators of After Effects - singled out Trish & Chris as examples of users who believed in them from the start.



November 2009: Check out our interview in John Dickinson’s Unplugged interview series on Part 1 covers our discussion of the early days and how to break into the industry; Part 2 covers our thoughts on the motion graphics training landscape, and what we do for inspiration.


Trish & Chris Chris & Trish Meyer


Chris returns to his music synthesis roots at his new venture: Learning Modular.

Chris shares some of his original fine art
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Trish also shares her original fine art
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She also launched Sandia Workshops, an online training site for calligraphers in 2020.

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