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If you'd like more information about any of our training projects, please contact us (see info to the right).

Book DVD

Kindle Users: Our publisher (Routledge/Taylor&Francis/Focal Press) is sending a download link to those who have proof of purchase for electronic versions of the book. (Please note that we do NOT recommend the Kindle version as the figures and text may not appear together so it is not as easy to follow as our very carefully-laid-out paperback!)

Thankfully, starting with After Effects Apprentice 4th Edition for CC (2016), Routledge will be offering the project support files as downloads from their website (proof of purchase required).

If a DVD that came with one of our books is damaged, please contact our publisher Routledge/Taylor & Francis (Focal Press) for a replacement (please indicate which book/edition you bought). Also contact our publishers if you bought a Kindle version and need access to the DVD files (proof of purchase required):

Qualified instructors may also request a complimentary exam copy from the above link.


No calls or emails for tech support, purchasing, or career advice! If you have an After Effects-related problem, please post your question to the excellent AE-LIST where many smart heads make light work of even the thorniest issue!



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