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We blog as part of ProVideo Coalition - a collective of experienced users in the video, film, visual effects, and motion graphics industries.

Our Chris & Trish Meyer Experts blog is a living archive of all of our still-available articles on the broad subject of motion graphics (including working with audio) going back to 1995. We continue to update this archive the occasional video tutorial.

After Effects Classic Courses * Free!

We are re-releasing After Effects online training courses that Lynda/LinkedIn Learning have dropped from their site because they were a few years old. As any user of Adobe software knows, even though new features get added all the time along with the occasional user interface refresh, the core of the program remains essentially the same – so there’s still useful content in many of these old movies. We are posting them on our PVC Blog along with commentary about how a feature may have changed from its original release.

Trish also wrote the occasional business-oriented article for our PVC blog under The Accidental CFO banner:

The Section 199A Deduction (Understanding the Qualified Business Income tax deduction for pass-through businesses)

Tax Flow for Freelancers (Understanding how taxes are assessed at various points in your tax return) (2017 forms)