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Note: is retiring some of our old courses, so we are republishing them free as “Classic Courses” on our YouTube channel. Follow our Facebook page for links to new uploads.

Resources royalty free stock footage you can use

Adobe After Effects product page

Adobe After Effects official Forum

AE Enhancers: expressions/scripts/presets for After Effects

AE-Scripts: plugins & scripts for AE, including tutorials for how to use them

AE-LIST: great mailing list for After Effects users

Boris FX: makers of the Continuum plug-in package for AE

CycoreFX: The creators of Final Effects and Cult Effects are back!

istockphoto: large collection of inexpensive royalty-free images Dan Ebberts’ resources for AE expressions and scripting

MotionWorks: hosted by John Dickinson - AE tutorials, tips and training

Pond5: Open marketplace for buyers and sellers of royalty-free clips 

Red Giant Software: plug-ins and special effect tools

RE:Vision Effects: variety of plug-ins for AE users, including

Toolfarm: plug-ins, software sales, training

Trapcode: Peder Norrby's plug-ins (Shine, Particular, Form, and more) add 3D to After Effects with Invigorator, Pro Animator, and more



Font Links

We've created a page of links to of our favorite commercial and freeware/shareware font sites. Also includes places to help you identify fonts, as well as a list of typography resources and font editors.

We also posted an article about fonts on our PVC blog as well as an article for called Type Basics (PDF).